HyER leaves EHA to open its own office in Brussels

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Since November 1, HyER (Hydrogen, fuel cells and electromobility in European Regions) is being operated as an independent office in Brussels. It’s a new start for the organisation, that has been hosted for the last 7,5 years by the European Hydrogen Association, EHA.

In 2008, the EHA began working with HyER’s predecessor, HyRaMP, hosting the secretariat in the EHA offices in Brussels to facilitate a rapid take off of its activities at a European level.

Together with the support of Italian organisation FAST, the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations, HyRaMP rapidly became the organisation of reference for the integration of hydrogen and fuel cell applications at regional and local level in Europe, adding battery powered transport topics in 2011.

The EHA wishes the new HyER board and office team all the success in moving the organisation to even HyER grounds in the future. Both EHA and FAST will continue to support regional and local initiatives to ensure hydrogen remains a focus throughout Europe in the coming years.

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