Hyzon launches its 200 kW fuel cell

Hyzon fuel cell 200 kW
Hyzon launches its 200 kW fuel cell

The company presented the Prime Mover in Australia, which is a truck incorporating its new 200 kW stack. The system is due to go into production in the second half of the year, and will eventually be used in markets other than heavy goods vehicles.

Hyzon Motors chose to present its new fuel cell at the Kangan Institute’s Centre of Automotive Excellence in Melbourne, one of the country’s largest centres for testing and training. To achieve a power output of 200 kW, two separate fuel cells are usually required. However, the company has chosen to develop a single stack that is 30% lighter, 30% smaller and 25% cheaper than two combined 110 kW stacks. The product is being developed at the Bolingbrook plant in Illinois, USA.

The 200 kW stack has been integrated into a cabover truck. This concept will be deployed starting this year in Australia and New Zealand as well as in Europe and the USA. In the USA, an agreement has been signed with New Way Trucks for refuse collection vehicles.

Beyond trucks

Hyzon also believes that its high-power fuel cell will be suitable for other markets such as mining, rail, marine, stationary power generation and airport ecosystems.

“Hyzon designs and manufactures fuel cell technology from the ground up. We apply our advanced engineering capabilities throughout the system – from the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), the heart of the fuel cell system, to the balance of plant to the software,” stated Hyzon Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Dr. Christian Mohrdieck. “This allows us to build a fuel cell system that fits the performance and durability needs of heavy-duty applications such as a commercial trucking,” he added.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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