Hyzon Motors and Raven SR to Build Waste-to-Hydrogen Hubs

Hyzon and Raven SR agree to work together and building up to 100 hydrogen hubs across the US and globally. The first two hubs will be built in California.

These Hydrogen hubs are expected to be built at landfills utilizing waste feedstocks, and will provide renewable green hydrogen at costs that are comparable to grey hydrogen. Thanks to Raven SR’s patented zero-combustion process, enough hydrogen will be produced to power 30 heavy-duty trucks from only one garbage truck of waste, while producing zero toxic pollutants.

Larger hubs could produce 10 000 kilograms of hydrogen per day, enough to power up to 300 medium- to heavy-duty vehicles.

Solving the waste problem and cost of hydrogen problem in one go : here is the interest of this partnership.

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Laurent Meillaud

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