Forvia is displaying hydrogen solutions at the IAA Mobility in Munich

IAA Mobility Munich Forvia

The Forvia Group (merger of Faurecia and Hella) is also promoting hydrogen at the IAA Mobility in Munich. Forvia is convinced of the relevance of this solution for mobility.

Let’s start with a figure: Forvia claims to be the leading seller of hydrogen tanks, with a volume of 13,000 units. The group will be inaugurating its Allenjoie site in the Doubs region*, the day after the Hydrogen Business for Climate forum. You won’t see any tanks on the Forvia stand at the IAA Mobility in Munich. But hydrogen storage was a feature of a multi-energy platform that was already on display at the CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. The equipment manufacturer hopes to be able to integrate tanks that are no longer in the shape of cylinders and that can fit far more easily.

Forvia believes that hydrogen will be used in vehicles by around 2030. In their view, this form of electrification will complement the battery.

The equipment manufacturer also believes that it can make a contribution… to recharging stations. With a container of hydrogen, motorway filling stations could, for example, cope with peaks in demand by generating electricity. Similarly, know-how in hydrogen storage could be used to safeguard the energy of wind turbines in real time.

As a reminder, Faurecia supplies large-capacity containers for hydrogen storage. The first customer to choose the solution was the French AURA region for its Zero Emission Valley project.

*Eastern region of France close to Switzerland

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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