Korea strongly promotes the fuel cell car

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Hydrogen Fusion Alliance, a consultative body of the public and private sectors has just been created, Business Korea reports. The alliance is comprised of the MOTIE (Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport), local governments (Ulsan, Gwangju and South Chungcheong Province), carmakers (Hyundai) components suppliers, hydrogen producers and suppliers, including Deokyang Co., hydrogen fueling station installers, such as EM Solution Co., energy companies, including the state-run Korea Gas Corp. and learning societies like the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society.

The Alliance will operate a task force team to popularize hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), establish companies which install and operate hydrogen fueling stations, foster other hydrogen car-related business and seek international cooperation. In addition, the alliance plans to set up special purpose companies in order to install and operate hydrogen charging stations.

So far, a total of 78 FCEVs have been sold until today, mostly for provincial governments and public organizations, while 10 charging stations are operated for research and demonstration in Korea.

The MOTIE announced its plan on July 7 to have 10,000 hydrogen powered cars, establish 100 hydrogen fuel stations and export 14,000 fuel cell cars by 2020 as part of its efforts to advance electric and hydrogen powered cars.

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