Lhyfe launches the first green hydrogen marketplace

Lhyfe hydrogen marketplace
Lhyfe launches the first green hydrogen marketplace

On its Heroes digital platform, which connects players around projects, Lhyfe is launching the first green hydrogen marketplace. Hydrogen can be purchased digitally anywhere in Europe in just a few clicks.

Incredible as it may seem, until now it has been necessary to send emails to complete a transaction. However, from now on this will be done directly via Lhyfe’s digital platform. Players looking for green hydrogen (industry, mobility) will be able to order from listed and certified production sites. “In just a few clicks, on a single map, we can see the different supply points and useful information for choosing the date and source”, explains Antoine Hamon, Director of Operations at Lhyfe.

The tool was first tested internally, to manage the various production sites (Bouin, Buléon and Bessières). This is understandably interesting for buyers, who will be able to find green hydrogen faster and to diversify their sources. It is also helpful for producers in Europe, who will be able to coordinate better, sell their surplus and anticipate maintenance operations in the light of demand.

The Lhyfe platform has already attracted around ten partners. Access is currently free. But this may not be for long, especially as new services are planned, such as delivery to stations and logistics hubs. Lhyfe CEO Matthieu Guesné stated: “In the industry, we are all convinced that it is by joining forces to offer an increasingly abundant supply that we will accelerate the transition to green hydrogen. The Marketplace is a new step in accelerating our decarbonisation!”

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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