Lyon is rolling for hydrogen with HyWay project

TENERRDIS ENR 2015 © Pierre Jayet- (99)

In early march, Lyon welcomed a fair dedicated to renewable energies (salon EnR). It was the opportunity to showcase the HyWay project, which aims to put on the road a fleet of 50 electric cars with a fuel cell range extender. The vehicles are Renault Kangoo ZE, powered by SymbioFCell, an innovative french SME. Thanks to a 5 kW fuel cell, the range of the car is doubled, with a 300 km autonomy.

The first vehicles, used by companies such as DHL, were on display on the fair. The other clients are Linde, Serfim, Cetup and the DREAL Rhône-Alpes.

Lyon is one the two locations (with Grenoble) where the tests are scheduled during 18 months. A fuelling infrastructure (one hydrogen station in each city) will help the customers to experience another way to drive a zero emission car and to get a precious feedback. The partners of the project are Air Liquide, CNR, GEG, McPhy Energy, PUS (COFELY Services), STEF and Symbio FCell.

HyWay project is backed by the french governement, through DREAL and ADEME, and by the Rhone-Alpes region with the help of Tennerdis local cluster focused on energy transition. Lyon and Grenoble area concentrate 80 % of the hydrogen industry in France.

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