Mercedes on track to launch a fuel cell powered SUV in 2018

Mercedes-Benz GLC 250d 4MATIC, CITRINBRAUN MAGNO, Offroad Line Exterieur Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d 4MATIC, CITRINE BROWN MAGNO, Offroad Line, exterior
According to Autocar, Mercedes is targeting a fuel cell vehicle.

Thomas Weber, Mercedes’ head of research and development, told the british website that the company had finalised the engineering parameters for the new model. “We are targeting a combined range for the fuel cell and battery of up to 600km, along with a refuelling time for the hydrogen tanks of three minutes,” Weber said.

This vehicle is rumoured to be based around the recently introduced GLC, and not the B-Class. Why a SUV ? According to Thomas Weber, the continued high cost of the fuel stack makes a hydrogen fuel cell model commercially viable only in higher classes.

This next model, that should be called GLC-F Cell, is scheduled to be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017 and reach showrooms the following year. It’s expected to be offered to customers in selected markets on either a monthly lease or outright purchase programme.

The price is expected to be around €70,000.

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