A leasing offer for Pragma’s hydrogen bike

Pragma hydrogen bike leasing
A leasing offer for the hydrogen bike of Pragma

Pragma Mobility presented a long-term rental offer for the Alpha Neo at the ‘Salon des Maires’ (an event gathering elected representatives from all over France).

Available from now for pre-order, this bike will be available in June 2023 for a first series of 200 units, with 800 more to be produced between July and December 2023. The leasing offer will start at 79€ ex-tax/month (about 81$), with a first rent amounting to 30% of the bike price (1,700€ ex-tax, about 1,754$). An all-inclusive package will be offered with several options (unlimited hydrogen, after-sales service, insurance, etc.).

The cost of the bike is €5,690 excluding VAT (about $5,872).

Pragma specifies that companies subject to corporate tax are eligible for a 25% tax reduction on the cost of equipment (bicycles, three-wheelers, stations, accessories, etc.)

Thanks to the previous series of the first-generation (300 bikes), and the feedback from the projects carried out, the company has been able to improve its flagship product and enhance the overall user experience.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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