Quantum simulation to revolutionise fuel cells?

Quantum simulation fuel cells

Quantum simulation to revolutionise fuel cells?

Airbus, BMW and Quantinuum have decided to join forces to better understand the chemical reactions of catalysts in fuel cells. The three partners plan to strengthen their collaboration in the field of quantum computing.

Quantum computers are being used by some manufacturers including Mercedes and Volkswagen to optimise materials or autonomous vehicles. In the case of BMW, which is accompanied by Airbus, the project is currently aimed at better understanding chemical reactions in the fuel cell. The two manufacturers, who are both interested in hydrogen, will be using the services of Quantinuum. This American company is the result of a merger between two entities from Honeywell and Cambridge specialising in quantum computing.

Their research project, which focuses on simulations of oxygen reduction, is explained in this paper. Since this process requires platinum and can be improved, Airbus and BMW want to accelerate research in this field. The former wants to improve fuel cells, which it intends to integrate into a ZEROe flight demonstrator in the next few years. Fuel cells are one of the candidates for the hydrogen-powered aircraft of 2035. The latter sees quantum simulation as a means of improving the energy efficiency of fuel cells. BMW does not intend to limit itself to the hydrogen fuel cell. It seeks other applications, such as the development of lithium-air batteries for electric cars.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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