Retrofit: an order of 10 coaches for GCK

The Autocars Dominique & B.E. green group has just placed an order with GCK to retrofit 10 coaches with hydrogen. This is a major contract for the company, which is positioned in the medium-distance coach sector.

This new order is an illustration of the capacity of the GCK group and its subsidiaries to propose a 360° offer around low-carbon mobility. The retrofit will be carried out by GCK Mobility’s teams at the Lempdes industrial site. As for the installation of the batteries in the coaches, GCK Battery will be in charge of it.

GCK Mobility will transform these Iveco Crossway coaches by replacing the diesel engine and gearbox with a 370kW electric motor, batteries and a H2 fuel cell. The operation will enable the vehicle to retain all of its seating and luggage space. The vehicle will offer a range of 300km thanks to a recharging capacity of 700 bars in 15 minutes.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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