SymbioFCell will deliver 1000 cars in 2016

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Leader in Europe for hydrogen powered range extenders, the french company has already equipped 50 Renault Kangoo ZE. At the end of this year, the number will reach 200 in whole EU.

HyWay project* in Lyon and Grenoble, backed by ADEME (french energy agency) has impressed and more than 30 cities in France want to have HyKangoo as well with a doubled range.

Bigger volumes are expected in 2016 with 1000 vehicles. Fleet managers have decided to order more vehicles, in France and in other european countries. Next year, the fuel cell will integrate technologies from Michelin (stakeholder of SymbioFCell) and the cars will be compliant with 700 bar hydrogen stations.


*More than 20 cars used by companies with two filling stations (50 when completed)


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