An artificial island project in the Thames Estuary to produce hydrogen

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An artificial island in the Thames Estuary to produce hydrogen

Lloyd’s Register* has signed an MoU with H2Terminals Limited and its supply chain partners HiDROGEN and D3IM. Together, they will study the feasibility of a project to produce hydrogen, store it in liquid form and transport it to London.

Plans include the development of a multi-energy plant (wind, wave and solar power) located 100 km offshore. Green hydrogen will be generated on a floating island and converted to a liquid state. It will then be transported by boat to a terminal on the Thames estuary, near London. From there, the hydrogen will be transferred to floating barges where it will be converted into electricity and hot water, along with by-products created by the conversion process such as liquid nitrogen and oxygen. Batteries on the barges will store the resulting electricity.

The MoU covers technological aspects, including the storage of liquid hydrogen at minus 253 degrees, as well as insurance for floating hydrogen production, hydrogen-powered ships, classification and energy export systems.

Gerry Wilkinson, H2Terminals CEO, said: “The demand for green hydrogen is projected to increase significantly in the next few years and we applaud the Thames Estuary Growth Board for committing to the alternative fuel to deliver jobs and investment opportunity to the Thames Estuary region. We will be offering thirty-year Power Purchasing  Agreements direct to industry and utility companies as well as participating in the trading and capacity markets.”

*Lloyd’s Register: the first class society to publish rules on the use of hydrogen as a fuel for ships in April 2023.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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