Toyota to reduce by half costs for fuel cell components

According to Asia Nikkei, the japanese aims to reduce by half fuel cell core components for its next hydrogen model, scheduled around 2020. And it’s only a beginning. Toyota wants to cut those costs by three-quarters around 2025, the newspaper says. If these figures are confirmed, this would mean that fuel cell powered cars will be much more affordable and will compte with BEVs. Toyota’s agressive strategy on fuel cells is in line with plans for electrification (over 5.5 million electrified vehicles in 2030, with at least 1 million coming from zero-emission electric and fuel cell models).

Despite a huge buzz on BEVs, good news are coming for hydrogen. Last edition of KPMG’s Global Automotive Survey shows that automotive execs believe much more in hydrogen that battery. A US research conducted by the Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO, linked to the DOE) also revealed that FCEVs will match costs of BEVs in 2040 and could even be cheaper.


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Laurent Meillaud

Laurent Meillaud

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