First hydrogen station with two types of refuelling technology in Germany


Good news : it is now possible to drive a fuel cell-powered car all the way from southern Germany to Lake Garda in Italy. The opening of a new hydrogen station in Munich’s Detmoldstrasse completes the European HyFIVE project’s South Cluster, which comprises Stuttgart, Munich, Innsbruck and Bolsano.

This multi-energy station is operated by Total. But, above all, it is the world’s first public filling station where the two pumps dispense hydrogen using two different types of refuelling technology.

The first one is Industry-standard 700 bar CGH2 hydrogen storage technology. This refuelling technology for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is already up and running.

The second one is Cryo-compressed hydrogen storage technology (CCH2). This technology, developed by the BMW Group, involves storing gaseous hydrogen at low temperature on board the vehicle at a pressure of up to 350 bar. It is currently at the advanced development stage and will only come on stream for general use over the longer time frame. CCH2 tanks offer up to 50% more hydrogen storage capacity than 700 bar tanks and can support a driving range of over 500 kilometres.

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