Around €9 M for the AdvancedH2Valley Project in the west of France

AdvancedH2 Valley Project France
Around €9 M for the AdvancedH2Valley Project in the west of France

Coordinated by Lhyfe, this project to create a large green hydrogen valley in the west of France capitalizes on the two ecosystems H2Ouest and VHYGO. It aims to introduce up to 11.5 MW of new production capacity and will play a role in the deployment of mobility.

The AdvancedH2Valley consortium has received a grant of €8.9 million from the European Commission. Launched last January in Nantes, the consortium has a total of 18 members spread throughout the Loire Valley.

Players from the energy sector (Teréga Solutions, EnR44), industry (TGO operator of the Port of Nantes Saint Nazaire) and mobility (Hype, Hyliko, Fraikin, Groupe Jacky Perrenot) are also present. Local authorities are represented by the Loire-Atlantique department, the Normandy and Pays de Loire regions, the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe and the Angers metropolitan area. The consortium also includes academic partners (Université d’Orleans, Université Bretagne Sud, Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation in Spain) and a project management specialist (Warrant Hub from the Italian group Tinexta).

More widespread use

This is quite a scale-up for Lhyfe. In addition to the pioneering 1 MW unit already in operation, the project aims to introduce up to 11.5 MW of new production capacity. The aim is to produce more than 1,600 t/year of green, renewable hydrogen by 2028. The aim is also to deploy one of the country’s first fleets of hydrogen-powered trucks, H2 maritime applications and port logistics. Following the EU’s AFIR directive on renewable energies, two new public hydrogen refuelling stations are due to be installed, in addition to the 5 stations already in operation. The Grand Ouest* Hydrogen Valley will help to set up an appropriate supply chain, making a significant contribution to the region’s sustainable energy objectives and to the massification of uses.

The AdvancedH2Valley project aims to be a catalyst for positive change, becoming an integral part of the local community, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing between neighbouring regions.

*Designates the regions of Brittany, Normandy and Pays de la Loire

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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