Air Liquide completes its strategic plan ahead of schedule and doubles its ambition

Air Liquide strategic plan hydrogen
Air Liquide completes its strategic plan ahead of schedule and doubles its ambition

The Group, which has revealed its results for 2023, is focused on energy transition. It has announced its goal of combining business growth with a reduction of CO2 emissions starting from 2025.

In terms of finances, the group’s revenues reached 27.61 billion euros, marking a 3.7% increase. Net profit reached 3.08 billion euros with an 11.6% increase. In line with its ADVANCE plan, which centres its strategy around sustainable development, Air Liquide continues to improve its performance. The Group achieved record efficiency of €466 million, that is a 23% increase. It reached its targets, initially set for 2025, ahead of schedule. Air Liquide also announced that investment is gaining momentum, supported in particular by projects in energy transition and electronics. The portfolio of projects in progress is at an all-time high standing at €4.4 billion. Investment decisions reached a record level of €4.3 billion in 2023. The company intends to do better in 2024 and is scaling up its ambitions for 2025.

Intense hydrogen activity

Here are the major hydrogen-related issues, which are numerous and global in scope.

France: an investment of over €400 million for the construction of the Air Liquide Normand’Hy electrolyser. As part of the IPCEI approved by the European Commission, the French government endorsed the project with €190 million as part of the Stimulus Package

Germany: opening of the Air Liquide and Siemens Energy electrolyser gigafactory, paving the way for the production of renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale at a competitive cost. The Air Liquide NormandHy project will be among the plant’s first customers.

Belgium: a project to build an innovative industrial-scale ammonia cracking pilot unit in the port of Antwerp, Belgium. The project is being carried out with KBR, as part of a low-carbon ammonia and hydrogen production process using Air Liquide’s ATR technology (more details in this article).

Europe: launch of TEAL Mobility, an equally-owned joint venture with TotalEnergies, to develop a network of over 100 hydrogen stations for HGVs on major European roads.

USA: Air Liquide is one of a record number of six of the seven renewable and low-carbon hydrogen hubs selected in October by the US government for financial support.

The Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon

Japan: signing of an MoU with Japanese energy giant ENEOS Corporation to accelerate the development of low-carbon hydrogen and the energy transition. As well as the selection of Air Liquide’s Autothermal Reforming Technology (ATR) for a project owned and operated by INPEX CORPORATION, for the large-scale production of hydrogen and low-carbon ammonia, a first in this country (more in this article).

World: creation of “Hydrogen Airport” with ADP Group, the first engineering and consulting joint venture specialised in assisting airports with their projects to incorporate hydrogen into their infrastructure.

Air Liquide is also an official supporter of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Group will supply hydrogen from renewable sources to power a portion of the official Olympic fleet, thus helping to accelerate the development of sustainable hydrogen mobility infrastructures (taxi fleet, service stations).

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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