Air Liquide and Vopak to collaborate on cracking ammonia in Singapore

Air Liquide Vopak ammonia cracking hydrogen Singapore

The French group, Air Liquide, is to cooperate with the Dutch oil company, Vopak on the development and use of infrastructure in Singapore for ammonia import, its conversion into hydrogen through cracking technology and its distribution

While there is much talk about transporting ammonia by ships, and its possible conversion into hydrogen through cracking technology, Air Liquide and Vopak are looking into the terms of a cooperation in Singapore. The aim is to develop ammonia storage, handling and cracking facilities at the Banyan terminal in Vopak. It will also distribute low-carbon hydrogen through a network of hydrogen pipelines.

“We are proud to apply our expertise to crack low carbon ammonia into low-carbon hydrogen, aimed at reducing carbon emissions in industrial basins and hard to abate sectors, advancing towards a more sustainable future,” commented Zhang Xi, Southeast Asia Cluster Vice President, and Managing Director of Air Liquide Singapore. He also points out that Air Liquide’s industrial-scale ammonia (NH3) cracking pilot plant is under construction in Belgium.

For President of Vopak Singapore, Rob Boudestijn, stated “Hydrogen and ammonia have the potential to significantly contribute to Singapore’s transition towards a low-carbon economy.”

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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