Alstom to Introduce Hydrogen-Powered Freight Locomotive in Chile

Alstom Hydrogen Locomotive Chile

Unveiling Alstom’s Plan for Hydrogen-Powered Freight Locomotive in Chile

French company Alstom took stage in the panel discussion titled “New Uses and Applications of Green Hydrogen in Mining, Aquaculture, Logistics, and Other Industries” at Hyvolution Chile. Denis Girault, Alstom Chile’s Managing Director, provides further insight into the company’s ambitious plan to deploy a hydrogen locomotive in Chile.

Revolutionizing Freight Transportation: Alstom’s Hydrogen-Powered Locomotive Initiative

Alstom sets its sights on a groundbreaking endeavor – the introduction of a hydrogen-powered freight locomotive in Chile, as revealed by Denis Girault during Hyvolution Chile.

In line with their commitment to sustainability and emissions reduction, Alstom aims to achieve zero emissions by 2050. With a keen focus on transforming existing motors into clean and efficient hydrogen-based traction systems, the company’s hydrogen locomotive project holds immense promise for the future of freight transportation in Chile.

Crucially, Alstom envisions a prototype that can replace existing locomotives by retrofitting them with hydrogen technology, significantly reducing their environmental impact. Carrying approximately 500 kg of hydrogen onboard, these locomotives demonstrate Alstom’s dedication to a greener future.

Challenges on the way

Considering factors such as distance and terrain, Denis Girault highlighted the study’s findings, indicating electrification as the optimal choice for journeys under 30 km, while batteries present a viable alternative for distances ranging from 80 to 100 km. However, for trips exceeding 120 km, hydrogen emerges as the most relevant and efficient solution.

As Alstom continues to tackle challenges related to the storage and transportation of hydrogen, particularly for longer distances in northern regions, their unwavering determination to pave the way for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation in Chile remains a top priority.

With hydrogen as the driving force behind this transformative project, Alstom’s efforts exemplify their commitment to a greener future. By introducing clean locomotives powered by hydrogen, Alstom envisions a more sustainable transportation landscape for Chile and beyond.

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