Auxerre unveils its hydrogen station

It is under the code name AuxHyGen that the Auxerre agglomeration organized inauguration day. It was attended by Hynamics (a subsidiary of EDF- a French multinational electric utility company) and Transdev. The town’s mayor and President of the Auxerrois community, Crescent Marault, gave the kick-off for the production and distribution station this very morning.

It is located on the right bank and is the largest station in France with a production of 400 kg (about 882 lb) of renewable hydrogen per day. Initially, it will supply the five hydrogen-powered buses of the Safra brand operated by Transdev. The station will also be used to refuel other vehicles, such as trucks, but also river shuttles and eventually hydrogen trains when Alstom’s dual-mode TERs will be commissioned. It is a French technology station supplied by McPhy.

According to Crescent Marault, “innovation is a bet on the future. A bet that can pay off quickly. Following President Macron’s announcements the day before, he believes that “more and more players are mobilised and that costs should rapidly fall “.

For now, the cost is 12 euros per kilo (about $6.4/lb), but the objective is to reach 7 euros (about $3.7/lb) or less if it is possible.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King.

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