Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany join forces to develop hydrogen

Belgium Netherlands Germany hydrogen
Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany join forces to develop hydrogen

At the opening of the World Hydrogen Summit, which is taking place today 13 May in Rotterdam, these three countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop the hydrogen industry in north-western Europe.

The agreement has been ratified by the Belgian Hydrogen Council and its counterparts in the Netherlands and Germany. It further extends a long-standing cooperation. The aim is to establish a platform for research, universities, industry and public authorities to work together. It is also to encourage the adoption of hydrogen technologies in line with legislation supporting the development of renewable energies.

The cooperation, which includes sections on technology and economy, also covers the fields of legislation and communication (with joint events). It will operate on a regional scale. It sends a signal to the national governments involved that an alliance is the key to developing hydrogen faster.

Jacqueline Vaessen, Acting Director of NLHydrogen, stated: “The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are historically main users of hydrogen in Europe, and we are facing similar challenges in producing and utilizing clean hydrogen in different sectors. Joining forces with other associations to tackle these challenges benefits the development of hydrogen market in the three countries.”

As for Tom Hautekiet, Chairman of Belgian Hydrogen Council, he believes that the three countries “will be important hubs to transport hydrogen towards the German industry,” with the “import of green hydrogen from countries with enough wind, sun.” The cooperation will allow for ” harmonizing regulations and implementing shared infrastructure.”

Finally, Katherina Reiche, Chairwoman of the German National Hydrogen Council points out that: “This will unlock new opportunities, accelerate technological advancements, and pave the way for a hydrogen-powered Europe.”

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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