BioTJet is to turn into a company

company BioTJet

The SME Elyse Energy is joining forces with partners to produce synthetic molecules and thus provide sustainable fuels for aviation. The BioTJet project, which is derived from the BioTfueL* technology, will therefore materialise through the creation of a company. Its shareholders are: Elyse Energy, Avril, Axens, Bionext and IFP Investissements (IFP Energies nouvelles’ investment subsidiary).

This project, which is led by Elyse Energy, aims to build and operate the largest French industrial production unit of advanced biokerosene from sustainable biomass (residues stemming mostly from local forestry and end-of-life wood waste). This resource, which does not compete with food uses, is transformed by roasting and gasification. 

What does hydrogen have to do with it?

First of all, Hydrogen is involved in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process (a chemical reaction that allows hydrocarbons to be synthesised from carbon monoxide and hydrogen by catalysis). But that’s not all. “An option for injecting green hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of water is being studied. With the same amount of biomass, adding hydrogen to the process would double the fuel production” says Benoît Decourt, co-founder and director of operations at Elyse Energy. It should be noted that the SME, which specialises in the production of e-methanol and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), has experts on its team who are specialised in hydrogen and carbon recovery technologies.

By 2027, the BioTJet project aims to produce 110,000 tonnes per year of sustainable aviation fuels and sustainable naphtha for the aviation and industrial sectors.

*A project launched in 2010 whose partners are: Avril, Axens, CEA, IFP Energies nouvelles, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, and Total, to test, validate and optimise a fully integrated chain for the production of advanced biokerosene and biodiesel. BioTFuel has been supported by ADEME and its Research Demonstrator Fund, by the Hauts-de-France region and the European Community via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as well as by Bionext and the French association of oilseed producers via the FASO fund.

You can read more about the future company around BioTJet here.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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