BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be at the IAA Munich

iX5 hydrogen

BMW will be taking advantage of the IAA Munich to showcase the iX5 Hydrogen, their hydrogen-powered SUV, and preview their new Neue Klasse platform.

In a recent article, we presented the players who will be talking about hydrogen at the IAA Mobility in Munich. The Bavarian manufacturer has now confirmed that the iX5 Hydrogen will indeed be presented at the show. A pilot fleet of this fuel cell vehicle, developed on the basis of the current BMW iX5, has been put into service for demonstration and testing purposes with various target groups around the world.

The iX5 Hydrogen: a demonstration model

BMW Group produces the fuel cell systems, which are assembled at their in-house hydrogen competence centre in Munich. The car is powered by a 125 kW (170hp) fuel cell, combined with a 5th generation eDrive engine integrated into the rear axle and a lithium-ion battery. It can develop a maximum power of 295 kW (401 bhp).

The hydrogen is stored in two 700-bar Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) tanks. Together, they contain almost 6 kg of hydrogen gas, providing the iX5 Hydrogen with a 504 km range in the WLTP* cycle.

The Neue Klasse platform about to be released

At the IAA in Munich, BMW will be previewing the Vision Neue Klasse concept. This vehicle, which will feature the Group’s new platform, gathers innovations in electrification, digitalisation and the circular economy. The Neue Klasse platform will be used as the basis for all future electric vehicles. It could eventually incorporate hydrogen, when the conditions are right.

Otherwise, the Group will be presenting the new rechargeable hybrid variants of the 5 Series and the I7 Protection with armoured bodywork.

*WLTP: Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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