BMW to produce hydrogen-powered vehicles in Munich

BMW Fuel-cell hydrogen
BMW to produce hydrogen-powered vehicles in Munich

While the reknown German brand’s site in Munich is to produce only electric vehicles by 2027, a board member at BMW affirms that the production lines will be flexible and could integrate hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

In an interview with Top Gear, reported by BMWblog, Milan Nedeljković, head of production at the company, talks about hydrogen. He explains that the new production line is flexible and open to alternative solutions to battery-powered electricity. “Hydrogen is an important alternative,” he told Top Gear. “That’s why we’ve deployed a fleet of ix5s that we’re testing and using to improve the technology”.

As far as this board member is concerned, it is important to keep an open mind. He further explains that “alternatives such as hydrogen and other technologies must be taken into consideration”, and that it is essential to remain “flexible”.

It is also important to note that the new Neue Klasse platform, where future BMW vehicles are to be developed, will be compatible with hydrogen.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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