Bosch puts the spotlight on hydrogen at the CES in Las Vegas

Bosch hydrogen ces
Bosch puts the spotlight on hydrogen at the CES in Las Vegas

On the eve of the world’s leading technology show, the automotive supplier took the floor to outline its vision of energy for a more sustainable world. And hydrogen is one of the solutions.

The presentation was made by Dr Tanja Rueckert, a Member of the board of management and CDO (Chief Digital Officer) at Bosch. While the priority is to optimise traditional energies, she explained that the group was focusing in particular on hydrogen, which she said would be “essential in meeting our future climate-neutral energy needs.”

Bosch is investing heavily in hydrogen technologies and developing solutions across the entire value chain. Last summer, the group started mass production of its fuel cell in Stuttgart. It has already received orders from truck manufacturers in the United States, Europe and China. In fact, this very week Nikola is offering test drives in a truck powered by a Bosch fuel cell.

The combustion engine in addition to the fuel cell

As we have already written, Bosch is also developing components for a hydrogen engine. In this case, the hydrogen is used directly in gaseous form, instead of converting it into electricity first. This technology can offer the performance of a diesel engine. As a matter of fact, it is even more virtuous if green hydrogen is used. This type of engine could be integrated into commercial vehicles, long-distance trucks and off-road machinery such as those used in the construction industry. The equipment manufacturer is working on two types of injection: sequential and direct. Bosch plans to launch its first hydrogen engine later this year.

Bosch alluded to hydrogen projects in the United States, through the 7 hubs selected by the Biden administration.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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