Bosch launches a hydrogen-related joint-venture in China

Through its investment fund, the German equipment manufacturer will work with the manufacturer Foton to develop hydrogen in transport vehicles.

Along with its partners (Boyuan Capital, Foton Motor, SinoHytec, Shenzhen Fuyuan Zhihui Investment Partnership), Bosch has created a new company called Kawen NEV (Beijing Kawen New Energy Vehicle). Its purpose is to design and produce electric, battery and fuel cell vehicles. The new joint venture will go even further, since it will also develop connectivity and autonomous driving solutions.

Bosch says the new company will enable the development of the hydrogen vehicle business. The aim is also to create an ecosystem and contribute to an industry that covers the whole of the value chain. It is to be noted that Foton, which makes vans, trucks and buses, was one of the first manufacturers to opt for hydrogen.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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