California Orders Hydrogen Strategy for Clean Energy Future

California hydrogen strategy

Governor Gavin Newsom has launched a sweeping strategy to catapult California into a clean energy future by advancing its hydrogen market. Tasking the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), this move mirrors the state’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Market Development Strategy’s success.

Central to this strategy is hydrogen’s role in realizing California’s eco-goals, particularly achieving a net-zero carbon emissions status and curbing air pollution. Governor Newsom emphasized, “California is all in on clean, renewable hydrogen – an essential aspect of how we’ll power our future and cut pollution.”

A pivotal objective is securing California’s bid as a federally funded Hydrogen Hub, tapping into $8 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to establish Hydrogen Hubs across the nation.

ARCHES’ role in the new hydrogen strategy

This Hydrogen Market Development Strategy focuses on speeding up clean energy integration and industries’ decarbonization in California. It draws from the 2022 Scoping Plan and *ARCHES’ hydrogen market white papers. State agencies including the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, and California Public Utilities Commission have also worked on it.

Beyond policy, it streamlines project execution with innovative financing models, simplified permits, and strategic procurement. Local communities will be engaged to ensure equity and broad benefits. Building on the Infrastructure Strike Team’s work, this strategy cements Governor Newsom’s commitment to sustainable innovation. ARCHES underpins California’s federal funding application, embracing Governor Newsom’s approach to transition to a carbon-free economy.

Angelina Galiteva, ARCHES CEO, said : “Governor Newsom’s all-of-government approach to accelerating the hydrogen market is exactly what we need to deliver for California and the nation. ARCHES is fully committed to continuing to work hand in hand with GO-Biz and our broad coalition of partners to accelerate California’s transition to a carbon free economy.”

You can learn more details about California’s hydrogen strategy here.

*ARCHES: Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems

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