2023, a unique year for hydrogen… and a 250% increase in audience for Hydrogen Today!

2023 editorial - hydrogen today
2023, a unique year for hydrogen… and a 250% increase in audience for Hydrogen Today!

Last year was a very busy one for hydrogen news. Every year, the number of topics and news items continues to grow. This is good news for the hydrogen industry as a whole, and for the global challenge that is climate change. And this reflects in the activities of Hydrogen Today, which more than doubled its audience in 2023… This dynamism is typical of paradigm shifts, which are accompanied by the emergence of new industries rich in innovation, and their trail of questions and controversy.

A genuine in-depth work

Questioning and debate are always legitimate and useful, as long as they are sincere, argued and not manipulated. Are we making the right choices? Are we well informed? Do we have objective information and are we sufficiently aware of the complexity of the subject? Hydrogen Today strives to make its contribution by collecting and deciphering the news as widely as possible, while remaining concise. Hydrogen Today does not merely copy and paste press releases, nor does it copy and paste from fellow media. The editorial work is carried out by an experienced journalist, Laurent Meillaud, with the support of Seiya‘s experts.

It should also be pointed out that 2023 has been a rather unusual year. While the steady stream of announcements, innovations and new products has accelerated, many projects in Europe have been delayed or put on hold, while the rest of the world has accelerated considerably. The reasons are well known: at European level, the necessary regulatory, legislative and funding mechanisms have taken a long time to materialise. Preparations, consultations, negotiations, compromises… this democratic process, whose slowness we often regret, also has the merit of encouraging us to think deeply and enabling us to act collectively despite our differences. And these mechanisms are essential for setting the rules of the game that investors need to know. They contribute to what is known today as “market design” and provide the signals that market players need to position themselves.

Hydrogen: the ‘mainstream’ issue of 2023

Whether the subject annoys or fascinates, and sometimes excessively polarises opinions, for or against, the fact is that hydrogen has become a “mainstream” subject, as they say, and it leaves few people indifferent. It has finally entered the public debate and news have become abundant. While hydrogentoday.info has published more than 4,000 articles since its creation in 2015, 1,200 have been written in 2023 alone! That’s an average of three articles a day, with peaks of up to eight articles during key events. This shows just how dynamic this sector is, and hydrogentoday.info has adapted accordingly to bring you a clearer picture of the news, which is now divided into themes: public policies and economy, research and innovation, industry, mobility and other applications.

With 600,000 visits, Hydrogen Today’s audience in 2023 was up by 250% compared with 2022. These are certainly not the scores of mainstream sites, but we know that our readers are professionals who need exhaustive, high-quality information and this professional audience is growing fast: so we would like to say a big thank you to all these new readers for joining us! And thank you as well to our faithful readers, who are very numerous within the industry. The quality and seriousness of our work are recognised. And that is why the players in the hydrogen sector share news and announcements with us beforehand 🙂

So, in 2024, we will keep on improving our tools to make information more intelligible and accessible. We will also be meeting you physically, as our presence will intensify during key events. See you on January 30 at Hyvolution in Paris!

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Bertrand Chauvet

Bertrand Chauvet

CEO of Seiya Consulting, board member and Treasurer of France Hydrogène, Publisher of Hydrogen Today.

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