Europe approves 6.9 billions in state aid for a third hydrogen IPCEI

Hy2Infra Europe IPCEI
Europe approves 6.9 billions in state aid for a third hydrogen IPCEI

Following IPCEI Hy2Tech and IPCEI H2Use, here is a third Important Project of Common European Interest, focusing on hydrogen transport infrastructure. It is called Hy2Infra and involves 7 European Member States, including France.

The other countries are Germany (which is behind this initiative), Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia. According to the press release, Member States will provide up to €6.9 billion in public funding. This should leverage a further €5.4 billion in private investment. As part of this IPCEI, 32 companies operating in one or more Member States, including SMEs, will take part in 33 projects.

This third IPCEI Hy2Infra will cover a large part of the hydrogen value chain. The project will support the deployment of 3.2 GW of large-scale electrolysers to produce renewable hydrogen. And more importantly, the deployment of hydrogen transmission and distribution pipelines (new or converted) of approximately 2,700 km. This is a good sign for Europe’s pipeline projects and the European backbone carried by a number of players.

This IPCEI also includes the development of large-scale hydrogen storage facilities with a capacity of at least 370 GW. In light of future imports, the programme also plans the construction of handling terminals and related port infrastructure for liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) to handle 6,000 tonnes of hydrogen a year.

Projects to be completed by 2029

In terms of schedule, the large-scale electrolysers will be installed between 2026 and 2028, and the pipelines between 2027 and 2029, depending on the region.

Hydrogen Europe is thrilled with this project, which will complete the other pieces of the jigsaw. “These projects will help to ramp up and connect hydrogen supply and demand across the EU” stated Stephen Jackson, Deputy CEO and Chief Technology & Market Officer at Hydrogen Europe.

H2infra IPCEI

It is noteworthy that Lhyfe is the only player to represent France. Air Liquide is also involved, through its German subsidiary.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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