Forvia and Air Liquide to supply FAW Jiefang with liquid hydrogen tanks

Forvia FAW Jiefang Air Liquide hydrogen tanks
Forvia and Air Liquide to supply FAW Jiefang with liquid hydrogen tanks

This is the first concrete step in the partnership between the two French groups, signed in 2021. It will cover a very promising market for hydrogen mobility.

Forvia announced through a press release its agreement with FAW Jiefang, one of the major HGV manufacturers in China. The French player aims to equip the Chinese trucks with storage systems for liquid hydrogen. The amount of hydrogen stored will be double of that for gaseous hydrogen. This will guarantee the HGV twice more autonomy, reduce refuelling time and optimise its payload.

“The joint development agreement initiated two years ago between Forvia and Air Liquide set the stage for groundbreaking innovations in cryogenic technology,” stated Patrick Koller, Forvia CEO. “Today, our new collaboration with FAW Jiefang not only reflects the market demand but propels industry efforts forward, accelerating the deployment and impact of cryogenic solutions.”

This is an important sign that signals a demand for liquid hydrogen. Forvia also points out that China is the world’s largest hydrogen producer and holds great potential for different applications, in particular, for mobility. The development is driven by the Chinese government’s ambition to further develop hydrogen as a national strategy and a new energy option for powering commercial vehicles.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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