Ferrari is looking into the hydrogen engine

Ferrari hydrogen engine
Ferrari is looking into the hydrogen engine

As part of a day organised by the SIA, Estaca and the University of Orléans, Ferrari talks about the hydrogen engine for the first time in France.

Ferrari is starting to come out of the woodwork. Last year, the Italian manufacturer gave a presentation* at the Aachen symposium. And it also submitted a technical paper to the SAE International website. It’s safe to say that the presentation by Roberto Tonelli, head of simulation for energy and fluids, was eagerly awaited in Orléans. He presented a study of the 296 GTB, with a target of 140 kW per litre. This Gran Turismo Berlinetta is equipped with a 2.9-litre V6 and 663 bhp.

The study involved a cylinder (498.7 cm3) with a hydrogen injection pressure ranging between 5 and 40 bars. We also learned that NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions are quite low, below 20 ppm. The Ferrari expert mentioned the challenges of managing injection temperature and avoiding jerking. The brand’s customers are particularly attuned to the melody of the engines, so we have to make sure we don’t miss a beat.

No scoops on the agenda. Ferrari has not given a schedule. It is simply indicating that it is in an exploratory phase, in order to seize any opportunities that may arise in the market. Tonelli also made it clear that the brand will avoid water injection unless it is compulsory. Water injection was a topic raised by several speakers at the SIA. Water can improve combustion, but it accelerates the wearing out of certain parts and does not mix well with the engine lubricant.

Ferrari is becoming a regular at this event for engineers. More information to follow on this day dedicated to high-performance and competition cars.

*Challenges and Opportunities in developing a H2 High Specific Power Turbo-Charged Engine

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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