FLEX’hy: the H2 dynamic ecosystem from GCK

FLEX’hy: the hydrogen dynamic ecosystem from GCK

The company specialising in retrofit has just inaugurated a new industrial site. It will take advantage of this new location to get into H2 stations, fixed or mobile.

This new company dedicated to hydrogen distribution bears the name of FLEX’hy. Its ambition is to facilitate the distribution of hydrogen anywhere and anytime in a dynamic mode, thus promoting the start of hydrogen ecosystems via mobile stations or solutions, with or without on-board hydrogen production.

Since the mobile solutions only require a low level of development and civil engineering, FLEX’hy intends to support private and public users with limited initial hydrogen consumption. The aim is to start the solution right away and then meet progressively the increase in needs.

To carry out this project, GCK has joined forces with AmInvest, Amaury Mulliez’s investment company in the energies and mobilities of the future. AmInvest is already active in these areas, through several projects such as: Energy Observer, Eodev, Hynova, Sunrhyse, Azfalte or Hy Generation.

With FLEX’hy, the group is completing its range of technological solutions.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud, translated by Marina Leite and reviewed by Logan King.

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Laurent Meillaud

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