Forvia: “hydrogen will play a role in mobility”

On Wednesday 24th October, Patrick Koller, head of Forvia, came to talk about sustainable mobility as part of the Automotive Industry Day in Paris, and he did not leave hydrogen out.

forvia hydrogen mobility
Patrick Koller, CEO of Forvia, talking about the role hydrogen can play in mobility

Patrick Koller came to talk about sustainable mobility, which he believes must remain affordable. He explained that his group had several technologies in its portfolio. For instance, it is involved in hydrogen, where it controls 75% of the value chain. He also picked up on the comments made a few hours earlier by the Chairman of Renault, Jean-Dominique Sénard. Patrick Koller explained that we need alternative solutions to battery-powered electric cars. He mentioned e-fuels as well.

He does not know whether hydrogen is the technology of the future. But he is adamant that beyond 2035 and 2040, hydrogen will be able to play a role in mobility, including as a fuel injected into an internal combustion engine. He also spoke about storing hydrogen in tanks. Mr Koller said that a tank of this type would have a longer lifespan than the vehicle itself. This means that the same tank could be used in a second vehicle and perhaps even more. It will be connected and its data will be analysed before it is used again. A concept that would foster the circular economy.

Patrick Koller regrets that lawmakers have imposed a technological solution and a date. “We need to listen more to consumers, rather than trying to make them happy in spite of themselves,” he said.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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