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On November 8 and 9, the second edition of the Hydrogen Business for Climate Forum will take place in Montbéliard, in France.

The first edition, held in September 2021 in Belfort, was marked by the presence of Mike Horn and an XXL plenary on mobility (17 speakers to discuss the sector, from the forklift to the plane). The forum, which is organized by the cluster Pôle Véhicule du Futur, returns in another format in 2022. It will indeed alternate between plenary sessions and innovation labs (two workshops dedicated to mobility and the transition to industrial scale), with the intervention of the economist Christian de Perthuis as a bonus (author of a book on the climate) and above all, Navi Radjou, who promotes the frugal economy.

In this pioneering region in terms of hydrogen, gigafactories of electrolysers are planned. There is of course the one of McPhy in Belfort, selected within the framework of the IPCEI Hy2Tech, which will be discussed by Jean-Baptiste Lucas, General Manager of the company. And there is the one of Gen-Hy, in the municipality of Montbéliard, which will be mentioned by its CEO, Sébastien Le Pollès.

A forum that extends beyond Europe

However, this is not a regional event. The Hydrogen Business for climate forum is meant to be European, with speakers from France, but also from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and England. And it is opening towards more exotic countries such as Chile, Morocco and the MENA region (Middle East) which were among the invited countries. It should be noted that the geopolitics specialist at Science Po Paris and HEC, Mikaa Mered, will come to shed some light. This event will notably address the issue of hydrogen imports and the development of a European backbone that may have ramifications outside the Union.

Among the speakers, there will be speeches from Hoang Bui (the national coordinator of the carbon-free hydrogen strategy in France), Bart Biebuyck (Clean Hydrogen Partnership), Cornelius Matthes (Dii Desertec Energy), Cécile Prévieu (member of the ENGIE executive committee), Mansur Zhakupov (Vice-President in charge of hydrogen at TotalEnergies) and among industrialists David Holderbach (CEO of Hyvia), or Kerian Jarry (marketing manager of Hopium ).

In plenary, more than thirty speakers are expected. This will be an opportunity to discuss news from companies such as Faurecia, GreenGT, Haffner Energy, HRS, Hynamics, Inovyn, John Cockerill, Lhyfe and Plug Power.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud, translated by Marina Leite and reviewed by Logan King.

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