French airports to be supplied with hydrogen from ADP and GRTGaz

French airports hydrogen

As the Roissy-Meaux aeronautics park meetings get underway today, GRTGaz is announcing the launch of a study with ADP (Paris airports) to bring hydrogen to the French airports of Orly and Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle.

In 2021, the ADP Group, Airbus and Air Liquide jointly carried out studies to characterise the challenges of integrating hydrogen infrastructures at Paris airports. The next phase is now being prepared. For 12 months, the experts will be reviewing the future hydrogen supply chains for both French airports from hydrogen import or production hubs. The aim is to eventually draw up a timetable.

GRTgaz’s role will be to assess, from a technical and economic point of view, the type of pipes to be installed, by re-using existing gas pipes and building new ones. The ADP Group will bring its vision of the development of hydrogen demand at Paris airports, as well as its expertise in airport development integrating hydrogen.

“Augustin de Romanet, Chairman of the ADP Group, said: “We need to enable the first hydrogen applications to emerge on the ground at airports, while at the same time being ready to welcome hydrogen-powered aircraft. He will probably be referring to this study in his speech later today, especially as Thierry Trouvé, Managing Director of GRTGaz, is taking part in the same panel on decarbonising airport hubs.

*ADP: Aéroports de Paris (French for Paris airports)

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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