A new fundraising and a new governance at GCK

GCK fundraising
A new fundraising and a new governance at GCK

After that last August, the GCK group has proceeded to a new “significant” fundraising at the beginning of February on the basis of a capital increase and the implementation of a bank financing. The group thus strengthened its shareholder base and gained a strategic committee.

By entering GCK’s capital, AMINVEST, Amaury Mulliez’s support vehicle for the Mobilities of the Future, Environment, Education and Technologies (MEET) has become a new strategic partner of the company. Other actors affirmed their trust in the group through the establishment of a bank financing, among others: ‘Crédit Agricole Centre France’, ‘Banque Populaire Aura’, ‘Caisse d’Épargne Auvergne Limousin’ and ‘Caisse d’Épargne AURA’.

At the same time, GCK is going through a reorganisation. Éric Boudot, the group’s CEO will also be in charge of managing the operations. A strategic committee composed of Guerlain Chicherit (GCK Competition), Eric Boudot, a representative of AMINVEST and Christian Contzen*, former President of Renault Sport Technologies, will be responsible for setting the strategic directions and ensuring the smooth running of the project.

With these changes, GCK is giving itself additional resources to intensify its industrial development and consolidate its position as a benchmark in the decarbonisation of transport. Regarding hydrogen, the group offers both the fuel cell and the combustion engine in its retrofit solutions, as well as distribution.

*He is also on the strategic committee of EODev, the Energy Observer subsidiary that develops range extenders for boats (with Toyota fuel cells) and generator sets.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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