Google, Microsoft and Nucor to cooperate on green electricity derived from hydrogen

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GAFAM and Nucor to cooperate on green electricity derived from hydrogen

The three companies, 2 of which are GAFAM *, have decided to join forces to pool their demands for green electricity from energy companies. They want to use a variety of technologies: advanced nuclear power, new-generation geothermal power, clean hydrogen and long-term energy storage.

This is a powerful signal from two digital giants and a steel company. As a first step, these companies will launch a request for information in several regions of the United States to identify potential projects. They are encouraging technology providers, developers, investors, public utilities and other interested parties to reach out to them.

By developing new commercial structures and aggregating demand from three of the world’s largest energy buyers, this approach aims to reduce risk for utilities and developers considering early-stage projects. This should secure investment and enable production to begin early in the next decade.

In addition to supporting innovative technologies that can help decarbonise electricity systems worldwide, this demand aggregation model will bring clear benefits to large energy buyers. They will be able to acquire larger volumes of carbon-neutral electricity from a portfolio of production sites. Google, Microsoft and Nucor will share feedback from their first pilot projects, as well as with other companies.

*GAFAM : Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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