From tracks to roads: GCK to develop hydrogen engine for Saleen supercar

GCK hydrogen engine Saleen
From tracks to roads: GCK to develop hydrogen engine for Saleen supercar

In addition to its presence at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with the Foenix H2 taking part in a demo lap on Saturday, GCK has announced an agreement between Solution F and the American manufacturer Saleen. A twin-turbo hydrogen-powered V6 will power its future road-approved supercar.

At the Hydrogen Village in Le Mans, in the presence of Steve Saleen*, GCK President Eric Boudot announced a partnership between Solution F and Saleen Automotive. The agreement covers the supply of a new engine to power the American manufacturer’s future road-going supercar. This twin-turbo V6, which has already been under development for several months, will feature the ability to run on hydrogen and/or synthetic fuel. Development and production will take place at the Venelles facility in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, where the Solution F team will have the technical support of another partner, Motul, which will supply specific lubricants.

“We’re proud to scale up to industrial production and to participate in creating the first dualfuel supercar in history, sharing our technical expertise in hydrogen with a prestigious manufacturer like Saleen.” stated Eric Boudot, GCK Group Chairman. On his part, Steve Saleen said: “We believe the long term solution for transportation will be multi-faceted where hydrogen and synthetic fuels are the future in environmentally friendly engines, while still offering the ultimate in performance, and traditional fueling convenience.”

A demonstrator based on the Foenix H2

Initially, Saleen and GCK will co-develop a demonstrator based on the Foenix H2, using its V8 hydrogen combustion engine. The vehicle will be on the road in the United States as of late 2024. Its aim will be to prepare for the arrival of the future production vehicle and to promote the engine’s technology at public events such as motor shows and car races.

This announcement lends even more credibility to the hydrogen combustion engine for sports applications. It is worth recalling that GCK exhibited a V8-powered Jeep at CES in Las Vegas.

*A professional race car driver, Steve Saleen founded his company in 1983 with the idea of bringing the performance of the track to the road. Although Saleen became a manufacturer in 2000 with the S7, this American player is also renowned for his muscular versions of the Ford Mustang, the Dodge Viper, the Ford F 150 and, more recently, the Tesla Model S. One of his cars won at Le Mans in 2010.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Mariem Ben Tili

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