Greenmot presents H2 retrofit at the Dunkirk days

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The Villefranche sur Saône SME, which attended with a stand the “Journées Hydrogène dans les Territoires” (Hydrogen days in the territories) in Dunkirk, has been mobilising since the beginning of the year its engineering teams to develop retrofit kits to transform industrial diesel vehicles into clean vehicles. A one million euro grant (about $1.177 million) from the ADEME (a French environment and energy agency) for the Green-eBus project has enabled the conversion of a 12m (about 39ft) diesel city bus into an electric one for instance.

Greenmot is working on new projects for construction vehicles, a fire truck and diesel buses.

Depending on the customer, whether industrials or transport or mobility authorities, and on the use purpose, the company offers an electric or hydrogen engine. “I am convinced that in the future there will not be just one family of engines, but a whole range of technologies, and beyond that, the fact we will certainly mix these technologies,” says Stéphane Londos, CEO of Greenmot.


Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King.

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