H2 Retrofit Coalition: 34 members and a growing industry

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H2 Retrofit Coalition: 34 members and a growing industry

Launched in January this year, the H2 Retrofit Coalition aims to bring together stakeholders to accelerate the decarbonisation of heavy-duty vehicles. This initiative has led to the formation of an association.

We’ve just found out, but this past 27th June, a founding general meeting was held to give birth to an association that now supports the H2 Retrofit Coalition. The structure brings together loaders, hauliers, manufacturers (HylikoSafraQuantron), equipment manufacturers (Plastic Omnium) and retrofit players (GCK, Retrofit H2, REV Mobilities), logisticians (DB Schenker), public services (La Poste), financial partners (Banque des Territoires) and hydrogen producers and distributors (PhynixAtawey).

It should be noted that both France Hydrogène and Seiya Consulting (this website’s editor) are members of the coalition.

The association is also opening up to the hydrogen combustion engine. Indeed, the start-up EHM is part of the association but so is GCK. The latter is involved both in the engine (with Solution F) and the fuel cell.

The general meeting on 27 June was an opportunity to address a number of fundamental issues. For example, there is a real regulatory demand within the industry. The role of the coalition will therefore be to identify regulatory barriers and draw up proposals for the government. The association positions itself as representative of the whole value chain. Its aim is to change legislation in favour of heavy vehicles retrofit.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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