Honda is planning mass-production of fuel cell cars by 2020

Honda fuel cell car

Honda is planning mass-production of fuel cell cars by 2020

According to Autocar, the Japanese manufacturer believes that hydrogen has its place on the market at the end of the decade. “Norway, for example, was focusing on electric cars two years ago, but now they want something with a longer range,” says Thomas Brachmann, head of powertrain development at Honda.

The aim is not to sell just 1000 cars a year. Honda wants to mass-produce fuel cell powered cars, and starting from 2020 onwards.

A first model serie vehicule will be launched in 2016. It will be very close from FCV concept that has been displayed in several auto shows. The car has a range of about 300 miles and be refuelled in five minutes.

Brachmann estimates that it will be 10 to 15 years before the technology is widely accepted.

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