Hopium: a new roadmap eagerly awaited 

Hopium roadmap
Hopium: a new roadmap eagerly awaited 

Following the appointments of two managing directors and a new chairman, the new roadmap of the hydrogen car brand, Hopium, is very much expected.

In January, the company said that as part of its new plan, it is “exploring different scenarios including the sequencing and timing of the Hopium Machina commercialisation, and the possibility of commercialising or licensing its fuel cell as a first step.” It seems fairly clear that the original 2025 timetable for the car’s launch will not be met.

In its latest communication, which was actually yesterday, Hopium set itself the goal of achieving profitability within four years. The manufacturer has revised its management team and, alongside the Machina car, has made the fuel cell a major axis of its industrial strategy. It is now deploying in two dimensions: Hopium Technologies (which develops the fuel cell and its power and cooling system, BtoB oriented) and Hopium Automotive (manufacturer of hydrogen cars, BtoC oriented).

The Board of Directors intends to rely on the extensive governance experience of Alain Guillou, the new Chairman of the Board and a former director of international companies, for the monitoring of the roadmap and the proper organisation of the work. This appointment will also allow the Board to benefit from his high-level insight on a number of strategic decisions to be taken. Alain Guillou said he was “very happy and proud to join Hopium.”

The roadmap will be presented when the annual accounts are published.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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