A hydrogen-powered motorbike is on the drawing board in Europe

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A hydrogen-powered motorbike is on the drawing board in Europe

A German-Czech consortium of manufacturers and research bodies is developing a hydrogen motorbike with a fuel cell. The project is due to come to fruition by the end of 2025.

“Hydrocycle: a motorbike for the hydrogen age”. As explained on the website of the Fraunhofer Institute, which is involved in integrating production techniques via the Refence-Factory.H2 process, and in optimising the stack, it is the Germans who are supplying the propulsion technology. WätaS Wärmetauscher Sachsen is developing the fuel cell.

The Czechs are working on the overall development of the motorbike, and in particular the integration of components. They are relying in particular on the expertise of the Technical University of Prague, ČVUT, which already has experience of developing motorbikes with alternative propulsion systems.

The Hydrocycle approach is part of the cooperation between the Land of Saxony and the Czech Republic, under the auspices of INTERREG, which is supported by Europe.

This hydrogen-powered motorbike concept is in line with Europe’s objectives, which emphasise hydrogen as a means of decarbonising transport. It also intends to comply with current rules on certification. The Fraunhofer Institute points out that it is a challenge to integrate a complete fuel cell system and a fuel tank, because space is more limited than in a car.

Other players have already been working on hydrogen-powered motorbikes. These include MIT and Texys (with its H2K racing motorbike project). It is also said that Honda has similar intentions.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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