Hydrogen Online Conference 2023 : where innovation meets opportunity

Hydrogen Online Conference 2023

On Wednesday 25th October, 2023, Mission Hydrogen will be hosting a new edition of the Hydrogen Online Conference (HOC) 2023, the world’s largest online hydrogen event.

In what way does this event differ from others? First and foremost the content. The Hydrogen Online Conference 2023 will be gathering over 30 keynote speakers (Hyundai, Hy24, Siemens, Ballard, Hydrogenious etc.). You can see the full list of the speakers here. Some of the brightest minds in the hydrogen industry, including executives, experts, scientists, and policy makers will be there to share their insights. No less than 10,000 attendees coming from more than 120 countries are expected to join in as well.

As for private companies and institutions, this is an occasion to try out a virtual booth. Indeed, besides attending conferences, visitors will be able to stroll through the virtual corridors of the show. It will even be possible to interact with real people through avatars standing next to the booths. A great way to start an online conversation and expand your network. By the way, you may see us there. Don’t hesitate to drop by to meet us… virtually.

Last but not least, the HOC also stands out due to its format: it will last for 24 hours nonstop. An ingenious solution to solve the time zones issue. Albeit attending all conferences turns out to be quite a challenge you can join the HOC from the comfort of your home. And we have to admit this is pretty convenient.

You can register at the event for free here.

And you can have a look at the programme here.

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