A look back at the hydrogen projects selected as PCIs by Europe

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A look back at the hydrogen projects selected as PCI in Europe

In addition to the H2MED project, a number of projects located in France or its neighbours have been included in the list of 166 projects selected by the European Commission as Projects of Common Interest (PCIs).

Within this list, hydrogen interconnections have been selected. In Western Europe, the most emblematic one is the H2MED project. It involves Portugal, Spain and France, with an extension to Germany. Europe has logically selected the pipelines specific to each country, as well as the sections between Spain and France (BarMar) and those between France and Germany (HyFen and H2 Hercules South). As written yesterday, the Commission has also selected the MosaHYc and RHYn cross-border projects between France and Germany.

The list also includes the infrastructure between France and Belgium (on the French side). It should be noted in passing that projects linked to electrolysis production have been selected in France. These include CarlHYNg by Verso Energy, Emil’Hy by GazelEnergie, and several H2V projects such as H2 Thionville, H2V Valenciennes, and Hygreen en Provence with Engie.

Hydrogen pipeline projects all over Europe

Other corridors have been selected between Germany and the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Austria and the Czech Republic. Local hydrogen transport projects in Belgium and the Netherlands have also been picked. The Netherlands is also being targeted for its port in Rotterdam, which will receive financial aids to transit liquid hydrogen and ammonia. Transport corridors have also been selected between Ukraine and Slovakia, Sweden and Finland, as well as to the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Poland, not to mention the link between Bulgaria and Greece.

The European backbone is taking shape. The list also includes projects to produce hydrogen through electrolysis (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal), as well as ammonia production. As for storage, it also includes projects in France (GEOH2 project), Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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