RHYn project: Franco-German consultation on hydrogen transport

RHYn Project

RHYn project: Franco-German consultation on hydrogen transport

Three gas operators are launching a consultation to assess the needs of French and German manufacturers for a hydrogen transport infrastructure. More than 200 km of pipelines could be brought into service between the French Grand-Est and German Baden-Württemberg regions by 2028.

This Call for expressions of Interest is being issued by GRTgaz, the main operator of the gas transmission system in France, and by Terranets bw and badenovaNETZE, the operators of the transmission and distribution systems in Baden-Württemberg respectively. The aim is to assess the needs of industry (chemicals, glass, steel) and to confirm the economic interest of a hydrogen transport infrastructure between France and Germany.

This Call for Interest is open until 17 November. It is aimed at all players in the Grand Est region (RHYn project on the French side) and the southern Upper Rhine (RHYn Interco project on the German side) with production or consumption projects and a need for hydrogen transport (RHYn / RHYn Interco project).

map RHYn Project

The network operators are proposing the conversion of existing natural gas pipelines for the transport of hydrogen, as well as the construction of new facilities. Their project will be available in several separate sections (see map above).

The initiative is part of the European backbone, which forcasts a hydrogen transport network by 2040.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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