Daimler’s Hydrogen Record Run Sets a New Milestone for Green Trucking

Hydrogen Record Run Daimler

In a world seemingly enamored with the idea of millions of electric battery trucks in Europe, Daimler Truck AG has pulled off a spectacular feat that redefines the future of long-haul transportation. The recent Hydrogen Record Run, conducted by Daimler on September 26, has sent a resounding message that the trucking industry’s green evolution may have found its champion: liquid hydrogen.

Traversing an impressive 1,047 kilometers from Würth to Berlin on a single fill of liquid hydrogen (LH2), the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 prototype was fully loaded with a hefty 40-ton cargo—a true game-changer for the industry. This isn’t just a record; it’s a declaration of LH2’s prowess.

Air Liquide, the LH2 provider behind this groundbreaking journey, played a pivotal role in showcasing LH2’s potential. The liquid hydrogen found its storage in a pair of 40 kg insulated tanks cleverly positioned on both sides of the chassis.

Setting a sustainable course for the future

What’s captivating is that LH2 isn’t just about setting records; it’s about shaping a sustainable course for the future. With its higher energy density, LH2-powered trucks promise extended range and performance than their rivals conventional diesel counterparts. Thus becoming a practical choice for fleet operators dealing with hefty payloads and long distances. It’s the answer that industry visionaries have been seeking.

Daimler Truck AG’s relentless efforts in LH2 onboard technology represent a quantum leap forward compared to the limitations of 700-bar hydrogen. With LH2, the promise of rapid refueling and superior value proposition may then be surpassing the allure of battery electric trucks.

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