Hylane, Europe’s leader in hydrogen trucks?

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Hylane, Europe’s leader in hydrogen trucks?

The German company, which is a subsidiary of a mutual insurance company (DEVK Versicherungen), is offering a pay-per-kilometre rental service that is developing well in Germany. An all-inclusive offer that has fans outside Germany too.

In a post on its website, Hylane reviews the results of a year’s use of hydrogen-powered trucks in Germany. The company first appeared on the radar when it ordered trucks from Hyundai. We are hinting at the Xcient Fuel Cell, which first appeared in Switzerland* before spreading to other countries. The company has also expanded its range with vehicles from Quantron (utility vehicles) and Iveco (S-Way). As of today, 44 trucks are on the road in Germany, and 78 more are on order. “No other company in the European Union operates as many fuel cell trucks,” says the company.

Better range than expected

The offer has convinced players such as DB Schenker, REWE, Spedition Amm and Sonepar. When reading Hylane’s post, we learn that the use of these trucks running on hydrogen (rather than diesel) has so far saved more than 220 tonnes of CO2. In November alone, they covered 60,000 km. The pleasant surprise is that the range has regularly exceeded the manufacturer’s specification of 450 kilometres. With two shifts, a single truck can cover 800 km a day. And that is only possible because refuelling takes less than 15 minutes.

However, one of the users, Sonepar, is calling for a greater network of stations. As for Hylane, it deplores the fact that the trucks are offered by foreign manufacturers. However, the company could also cooperate with Quantron on trucks.

In France, Lidl is testing one of these trcuks with transport company Jacky Perrenot. The vehicle is assigned to the Carquefou logistics platform, near Nantes, which is equipped with hydrogen.

*Where they have travelled a total of 10 million km.

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Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King 

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