Pegasus: an 88 meter hydrogen yacht

Designer Jozeph Forakis has designed a cutting-edge hydrogen yacht. It’s just a project, but it’s getting people talking.

Greek-born, New York-based designer Jozeph Forakis, who has offices in the Big Apple and Milan, had an idea while he was on the island of Koufonissi*. He had a vision of a boat that would be close to nature and whose sides would reflect the clouds on the water. A sort of stealth yacht. This is how the Pegasus project was born.

As technology enthusiasts, Jozeph Forakis and his team are gathering up a number of ground-breaking concepts, such as 3D printing to create a mesh framework, a metal finish and glass wings, an inside greenhouse (to purify the air and grow fruit and vegetables), and of course, a zero-emission propulsion system. The designer has chosen hydrogen for unlimited autonomy. To that end, he intends to rely on solar panels, an electrolyser (with desalination of sea water) and of course fuel cells, backed up by lithium-ion batteries.

At this stage, the project has not unveiled any figures. However, in case of need; the sketches show a… Diesel generator.

*in the archipelago of the Lesser Cyclades

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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