Hylight launches the hydrogen airship

This start-up, which was founded this very summer, proposes to replace helicopters with a zero-emission airship to monitor sensitive infrastructures such as gas pipelines and high-voltage lines.

This is a mini airship to be precise. Weighing just 10 kg and powered by hydrogen, this craft can fly missions for up to 20 hours. All without noise or emissions. Not only is the cost lower than that of a helicopter or plane, but Hylight also offers data collection (4K cameras, infrared, lidars) and data processing tools. A turnkey solution.

In addition to gas pipelines, this airship could also be used to monitor agricultural fields and, why not, to map them.

The concept is summarised in this video.

After having tested the battery, the start-up finally opted for hydrogen to extend the range. The first flight recently took place in Italy, in the Lombardy region. Partners of the Strasbourg-based company include the Université de Technologie de Troyes, the Région Grand Est, Sparkmate, Berkeley SkyDeck, Cariplo Factory, Lendlease and PoliHub – Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator. Hylight has also been spotted by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Article written by Laurent Meillaud and translated by Logan King

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